Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Miss Molly Doll

Here is another Miss Molly Dolly i made on a weekend away with some girls from my Patchwork Class...

 her dress was made using all different yellow scraps and it took forever, but was worth it in the end.
Ok that is it No more Miss Molly Dolls it is time to find another pattern...

Caravan Quilt

This next project was a quilt i was making to put into our caravan...
Using 1 layer cake and 1 jelly roll (Love U range) and some chenille fabric this is what it looks like
The reason it is on our bed is that sadly did'nt get it finished in time for our last lot of holidays !

So now it is finished i will have to plan a holiday so i put put it onto our caravan bed :-)

Mandi's Baby Shower

Back again.
This next project was made for my sister inlaws baby shower...
I was a very cute quilt to make and i got to use a lot of my favorite scraps !

Hello and I am back to the land of Blogworld..

Geezz where do i start it has been sooooo long since my last blog that i forget what to do....
Firstly i have been really busy making lots of litte projects which i will post five of them today.

This one below is my most exciting one, for a couple of reasons...1. it is new fabric range (Attitude Girls) for Moda which i do have in stock but have not had a chance to add to my website yet. I really think it is perfect for a teenage girl as it really does suit.

2nd reason is that i was very lucky to be invited to a wonderful ladies house so i could quilt it myself on her big quilting frame,
this is the very first quilt i have quilted myself, i had lots of fun and really want my own quilting frame.

 Okey Dokey now for my next post...see you in five mins xox

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just a quick post of block 5 and another corner block completed
from Life Is a Celebration Quilt

I am loving doing this mystery quilt, with my mother and her best friend,
Well tonight is friday night and another night of sewing with family and friends,
and the next block is out for this quilt so i better hurry up and be ready before everyone arrives...

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and i hope you get lots of free time to get some stitching done.. xox

Welcome to the world little man !
I have a new nephew
Little Xavier
born 22/03/2010

This is a little quilt i made for Xavier
I am now an aunty of 6 beautiful boys !

More Fun Playing With Pre-Cut Fabric

This is a Lap Quilt i made for a dear friend that has been giving me a helping hand with my 2yr twins that have decided that they will not sleep and play instead of a night time.....

 Using 2 charm packs and doing a little bit of sticthing on the plain squares it was a very quick easy quilt to make,
Then to finish it off some backing, wadding and cross quilted it myself on the machine....
I think this is a fantastic idea to make a quick personal gift for someones birthday etc.
bye for now and happy stitching everyone xox

Sunday, April 4, 2010

HaPpY eAsTeR

Just a quick post to wish everyone out there in blogland a very Happy Easter
and hope you have a fantastic day
My beautiful twins Mike and Megan

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good morning everyone....

What a beautifal day it is today, not only did i get up early and get all my housework done,

But its just having that feeling of everything falling into place :-)

Below is a table runner and placemats that i made for my kitchen table....

Using 2 pks of Charm Squares from the Boutique Moda Fabric Range !

( I sell on my website http://www.patchy-anne.com.au/)

Be quick if you like this range of fabric as it has sold quickly...

Using the Charm Squares worked really well as there was no cutting !

Out of one pk of Charm Squares I was able to make Six placemats...

with a few left over...

Same as the table runner..only used a pk of Charm Squares & also had a few left over.

Sorry there is no pattern for this set as it was a matter of laying down the squares and if they looked good just sew them together, quilt and bind..

a fantastic project that you would have completed and on your table in a weekend...

Any questions feel free to post and I would be more than happy to reply...

Thats all for now as I have a few girls coming over for a sewing morning ...

Not sure what I am doing yet .... Need some new idea's ????

Happy stitching xox

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello Hello Hello.....
I have just completed block 4 of Life is a Celebration !

And are very happy to say have been getting alot of unfinished projects finished this last fortnight....
Oops for some reason i am having trouble uploading photos.....
Will try again soon...
happy stiching xox

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Camera Charger is Found

I finally found the battery charger for my camera...
It was still in the caravan that i have been very lazy and not fully unpacked since January holidays...ooooops

anyway now it is found i have posted some photos of our homespun sit & sew friday nights with my Mother and her best friend...

Everything looking nice before the fun begins !!

The range of fabric we have choosen is a little different to the fabric range used in the magazine.
I have choosen Moda pre-cut fabric in the Favorites range.

This is the first block above

second block which i changed just a little as i am not a big fan of flowers....

and the 3rd block...those flowers are not going away !

After many hours and lots of laughs....

Thats all in Blogland for now...
Happy Stitching everyone...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lolly Shoppe Quilt

Hello to everyone in Blogland....

School has been back for a few weeks now and we are starting to get our life back into a routine again....

This is one of my quilts that I started late last year (2009),

I am very happy to say that it is finished and now in for quilting :D

I decided that I should start using some of the fabric that I sell on my website !

And I was over the moon to have used one jellyroll and one layercake as I saved so much time on cutting......

Below is the Love U range of fabric I used !

I also used a couple of fat quaters of chenille !

This is a photo of it all layed out and ready to be sewn !
Which was a very quick quilt to put together !

All together and ready to be quilted :D
Fingers crossed that it wont be long and I will be able to show you photos of the finished result

I have also been working on the new Celebration of Life quilt BOM in this years Homespun Magazine.... I now have the first months blocks finished and have taken photos BUT my camera battery is now flat and I cannot find the charger....

Where would one put a camera / battery charger ???????

Any Idea's please post them below !!!
Bye for now and happy stitching xox

Friday, January 29, 2010




For anyone that does not know -
I have an online Patchwork shop,

It is still new and I think we are over the teething problems !

Feel free to click on the business card picture and visit my website and leave some feedback
of your thoughts !

Have a fantastic weekend everyone in Blogland !
Hello to everyone in blogland

Just thought I would show you my other little hobby

I breed Cavalier King Charles !

They are very cute, and is sometimes sad to see
them go to their new homes !

These are my latest litter that are due to go to
their new homes as from next weekend !

Anyway I better go and feed them,
They are eating me out of house and home,
Poor kiddies had no weetbix this morning and
I forgot to go to the shops today so I think it
will be toast in the morning again...OOPS

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New Year To Everyone


Ok Ok I have been pretty slack with my posting....
I am now back in BlogLand...
& will do my best to catch up with a lot of Blogging....

Here is one (well two) of the reasons that i have been too busy to blog.
This is M&M my two year old twins...

I have also been very lucky to have had two wonderful holidays.

Have taken our five kiddies on a P&O cruise the two weeks before xmas,

Then on boxing day we left for Mulwala on the Vic / Nsw boarder wakeboarding for a week with all my family and their families.

I can tell you one thing i am over holidays now and want to be a hermit and stay in the house for a while, and just sew sew sew !

I have been doing a bit of sewing though with lots of projects started and completed that i will post very shortly..

bye for now

Jodie x