Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Miss Molly Doll

Here is another Miss Molly Dolly i made on a weekend away with some girls from my Patchwork Class...

 her dress was made using all different yellow scraps and it took forever, but was worth it in the end.
Ok that is it No more Miss Molly Dolls it is time to find another pattern...

Caravan Quilt

This next project was a quilt i was making to put into our caravan...
Using 1 layer cake and 1 jelly roll (Love U range) and some chenille fabric this is what it looks like
The reason it is on our bed is that sadly did'nt get it finished in time for our last lot of holidays !

So now it is finished i will have to plan a holiday so i put put it onto our caravan bed :-)

Mandi's Baby Shower

Back again.
This next project was made for my sister inlaws baby shower...
I was a very cute quilt to make and i got to use a lot of my favorite scraps !

Hello and I am back to the land of Blogworld..

Geezz where do i start it has been sooooo long since my last blog that i forget what to do....
Firstly i have been really busy making lots of litte projects which i will post five of them today.

This one below is my most exciting one, for a couple of reasons...1. it is new fabric range (Attitude Girls) for Moda which i do have in stock but have not had a chance to add to my website yet. I really think it is perfect for a teenage girl as it really does suit.

2nd reason is that i was very lucky to be invited to a wonderful ladies house so i could quilt it myself on her big quilting frame,
this is the very first quilt i have quilted myself, i had lots of fun and really want my own quilting frame.

 Okey Dokey now for my next post...see you in five mins xox