Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School's Back

Hi everyone,
Yippie School's Back...
Hope you all had an exciting school holidays, we just stayed home and got some spring cleaning done and some sewing projects finished.
These are the quilts I made for my daughter that I posted about in my previous post.
I am so happy with the pillow cases as they were made out of scraps, its amazing that you can go out and spend a fortune on fabric and be happy with the end result but to use your left over scraps in creative ways is so exciting..
Anyway kiddies are arriving home from school and they will be starving of course, thats all my children do is eat, lucky we dont live in a gingerbread house we would have no roof over our heads...LOL...


  1. this is so pretty and so girly. It lookes like a raggy quilt - how adorable for a little girls bed - so cute.

    PS how's business since you opened your store?

  2. Hi Val,
    Thanks for your comment,
    The business is almost 100% launched I am still learning all the seach engine stuff, there is so much involved...