Saturday, September 12, 2009

Folding Washing or Sewing

Well it all comes down to doing the washing or doing some sewing, tonight the sewing wins.

After a quick tidy of my sewing area, which is in my bedroom at the moment, as my beautiful (when they are asleep) twins (m&m) are in my study / sewing room,

This is a quilt i am making for my darling miss Chels,
It is made using Butterfly Fling fabric from Moda,
I am hopeing to make two, one for each bed,
If i have enough fabric that is...

Anyway will post more photos as i go, Wonder will that washing go away.... lol...


  1. maybe the laundry fairy will do while your sewing?

  2. nope she did'nt come, if anyone see's her send her to my house...